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Born in Neptune NJ, Justin Pack grew up looking up to others. As the younger brother of someone 15 years his senior and the youngest cousin out of 13, he was always being exposed to an older generation of music such as the works of Lauryn Hill, Tupac, and Andre 3000. Artists today, such as Kendrick Lamar and many more performers have also influenced his music and who he is as a person today. He has even been inspired by artists from his own family, many of which have been rappers at one point or another. With a style built on the founding principles of hip hop Justin Pack is destined to be a force in the world of rap music. Not only does he possess a raw talent of rapping, Justin Pack’s passion for music and art, his dedication to his craft, and his uniqueness in mind and in heart creates a will of fire that sets him apart from his peers. Though at first being a not-so-confident 8th grader when he started his journey, he was always a gifted storyteller who loved to write. Throughout his journey, Pack has learned to play the guitar, picked up poetry, film and rapping, and in college, was able to open up for some big name headlining artists. Rap became a way to tell not only his story but the story of others, the reality of our current lives, past traumas, and future dreams, all for the goal of inspiring others just as he had been by those who came before him.

Justin Pack 

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