Creativity is becoming one of those over-saturated words that too often is sloppily tossed around to describe anything that a person does. But what is creativity? True creativity, is something that words cannot justify. It is an idea that you can hear, but cannot touch. It is a song you cannot see, but can envision. It’s something that you can describe the taste of, without ever trying the meal. Like a midwife, music is creative, because it brings new babies into the world which bring joy; and no one is delivering more than Justin Pack. As I said before, just because you do something different doesn’t make it unique. Justin is transformative from roots he comes from, Neptune (New Jersey), a place known to all as a planet, is the humble roots leading to the maturation of his music. Further sharpening his music is the struggles of nickel and diming for mixes and masters, and juggling his responsibilities as a first-generation student to make a dream come true. Justin’s music is creative because society doesn’t influence his music, he influences it, and no matter the direction, his music comes with a personality that has never been felt before.

©Justin Pack